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Happiness in Your Home · Friendly's Retail


Held dearly in our hearts (and hands), these cones are ready to eat wherever you are! Friendly’s has been making cones since 1935—enjoy our modern collection!

Black Raspberry Krunch Sundae Cone

black raspberry krunch sundae cone

Forbidden Chocolate(R) Krunch Sundae Cone

forbidden chocolate® krunch sundae cone

Nuts Over Caramel Sundae Cone

nuts over caramel sundae cone

Nuts Over Fudge Sundae Cone

nuts over fudge sundae cone

Vanilla Krunch Sundae Cone

vanilla krunch sundae cone


Everything’s better with chocolate—including our signature ice cream sandwiches.

Friendwich - Cookies 'n Cream Dreams

friendwich - cookies 'n cream dreams

Friendwich - Vanilla

friendwich - vanilla

Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry Friendwich

vanilla, chocolate, strawberry friendwich


Bring some sweet color to your day with these fresh and fruity frozen pops.

Freedom Pops

freedom pops

Crayola(TM) Color Me Pops

crayola color me pops

Friendly's BFF Club. So happy together.

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