Here are some fun facts about Friendly's!

How much ice cream does Friendly's make?
For 2014 alone, we plan to be producing just over 52 million 48-ounce pre-packaged cartons at the rate of 3.5 carton per second. Friendly's makes a lot of ice cream!   

How many flavors does Friendly's make?
Friendly's offers 63 different ice cream flavors in 48-ounce pre-packaged containers. Flavors range from the simplest Vanilla to the most complicated, like Friendly's Banana Split Ice Cream, with three different flavors, each with a special inclusion for each flavor.

How many combinations are there in just a 3-scoop sundae?
For a 3-scoop sundae there are 18,424 combinations and for a 5-scoop sundae there are 1,906,884 combinations!  The flavor combinations are virtually endless!

What's your most popular ice cream flavor?
Our vanilla ice cream continues to be our most popular crowd pleaser!

How long does it take to make a batch of ice cream?
It takes only 24 hours for Friendly's to transform each load of cream into a batch of ice cream – and the finished treat is in local Friendly's restaurants as early as three days later. Friendly's focuses on fresh!

How long have you been using your hot fudge recipe?
Friendly's has produced the same hot fudge formulation for more than 35 years, and it starts just like you make it at home: with cocoa, sugar and fresh milk.

How long does it take to make an ice cream cake?
It takes just over 2 minutes for a cake to be produced from start to finish.