All-American Cheeseburger

When it comes to classics, this is the one! Try our juicy Friendly’s Big Beef burger with fresh tomato, crisp lettuce, red onion and a dash of mayo on a Brioche roll.

Single & Double Scoop Cones

$1.99 Single Scoop and $2.99 Double Scoop Cones. All summer long.

Bottomless Shrimp Platter

All you can eat! Heaping portion of lightly breaded fried shrimp with your choice of cocktail or tartar sauce. Available golden fried or tossed in our Kickin' BuffaloTM sauce.

Sharks in the Water

Dive into this drink as gummy sharks circle in a pool of blue raspberry Sprite with a side of shark bait - red syrup.

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NEW! Crayola Cake

Vanilla and chocolate ice creams separated by chocolaty flavored crunch, covered with vanilla flavored whipped icing. Decorating kit included!

NEW! Black Raspberry Krunch Sundae Cone

Black raspberry ice cream dipped in a chocolate flavored coating and topped with chocolaty crunchies.

Fruit Swirls Orange Creme Swirl

Friendly's Orange Creme Fruit Swirls. Rich vanilla ice cream and refreshing orange sherbet made from real juicy oranges.

Wattamelon Roll

Refreshing watermelon and lemon sherbet with rich chocolate chip seeds.

Forbidden Chocolate

Try our Rich & Creamy premium forbidden chocolate ice cream.